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Quietcool Stealth Pro Whole House Fans in Riverside

Riverside’s Authorized QuietCool™ Stealth Pro Whole House Fan Contractor

If you’re looking to build a new home in California, then you probably already know about the Title 24 Energy Efficiency Building Standards law that means home builders living in certain areas must install a whole house fan. After all, our state, the economic hub of America, is drastically living beyond its means when it comes to power consumption.

To ensure a greener future for all Californians, while keeping homes cool and comfortable—that’s something we can all get behind. So when you need to choose a whole house fan for your home to keep air circulating, it only makes sense that you’d choose the industry leader: the QuietCool Stealth Pro. And when you want to install a QuietCool whole house fan in your home, you need to partner with a licensed supplier and contractor, and that’s where UCS Heating & Air Conditioning comes in.

Only contractors that QuietCool has established a good working relationship with are permitted to sell and install QuietCool fans. That’s right: only the best of the best contractors in California have the training and expertise needed to handle your whole house fan installation. And UCS Heating & Air Conditioning is one of them. What Is a Whole House Fan?

In case you’re a recent transplant to the area, whole house fans are a technology that was developed in the 1960s but have recently come to a high point when it comes to good design.

Simply put, a whole house fan is a fan system that operates in the vents in your home. It draws outside air through your home and replaces the stuffy and dirty air inside, and it is way more effective than opening a couple of windows.

Whole house fans can rapidly cool your whole home in a matter of hours. The more you leave it running, the cooler your house will be. It can be used combined with a traditional central AC unit or on its own.

Save Hundreds on Monthly AC Bills With Help From a QuietCool Stealth Pro Whole House Fan Installation Contractor

If you’ve never owned a whole house fan before, prepare to be amazed. This revolutionary technology is changing the way average Riverside residents cool their homes—and changing it for the better! We’ve already gone over how the QuietCool Stealth Pro whole house fan works above; what you should know next is how much money this technology can save you over the long term.

During the summer months, running your QuietCool Stealth Pro can reduce indoor temperatures by as much as eight degrees, without using your air conditioner for even a single minute.

Considering whole house fans consume significantly less amounts of electricity than air conditioners, you can expect to see big savings month after month. When you ask UCS Heating & Air Conditioning to install your QuietCool Stealth Pro whole house fan, you’re committing to reducing your energy usage. That’s not only good for the planet, it’s good for your bottom line too.

The best part? Your air conditioning unit is still there when you need it, so in heat waves, you and your family can stay cool without the cost.

UCS Heating & Air Conditioning has already helped dozens of Riverside residents save money on their monthly power bills thanks to QuietCool Stealth Pro technology. Want to know how we can do the same for your new property or by retrofitting your existing one? Give us a call!

Why the QuietCool Stealth Pro?

Any HVAC professional knows that QuietCool has been the industry leader in whole house fans since a decade ago. Their Stealth Pro model revolutionized the industry by being quieter, more efficient, and Energy Star certified, something the competition can’t rightly claim!

This line of quiet whole house fans is often called ‘a breeze on a switch’ because of their effectiveness in pulling fresh outdoor air and propelling it through your home’s vent system.

These affordable wonders can make a huge difference to your monthly energy bill. And UCS Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to partner with this leading company helping to keep Riverside cool.

The best part? The QuietCool Stealth Pro doubles as an air purifier, keeping allergy and asthma symptoms down.

Why Choose UCS Heating & Air Conditioning for Your Whole House Fan?

Because QuietCool products are the industry leader for whole house fan technology, it’s crucial you partner with an HVAC contractor with the experience necessary to properly install, maintain and repair your Stealth Pro unit.

UCS Heating & Air Conditioning is the leading authorized supplier, installer, and repairer of QuietCool cooling and fan technologies. We’re dedicated to learning all we can about this incredible suite of products and offering them at affordable rates to our Riverside clients.

UCS Heating & Air Conditioning sets the standard for professionalism among HVAC contractors here in the state of California. We’ve got good communication skills, always provide estimates and instructions in writing for insurance purposes, and have years of experience helping home and business owners stay cool.

Trust QuietCool Authorized Contractors for Stealth Pro Whole House Fan Installation in Riverside

Other HVAC companies in the area may promise top-shelf results, but if they’re not an official partner with the QuietCool corporation, they can’t provide the best in whole-house fan technology. If your unit breaks and wasn’t installed by a licensed HVAC contractor, you may even void your warranty!

Don’t be swayed by promises of lower prices—you may end up paying for it in the long run. When you’re shopping around for a contractor, be sure to ask whether your HVAC company is certified to offer the QuietCool Stealth Pro whole house fan. Or, make your job easier, and just call us outright!

Call Us Today for Whole House Fan Installation

As one of Riverside’s only HVAC companies licensed to work with and trained to install QuietCool whole house fans, UCS Heating & Air Conditioning is the right choice for your whole house fan installation. Our prices are some of the most competitive in the state of California, and our expertise servicing this special cooling technology is second-to-none. Whether you want to build a new house or are looking to upgrade your existing one, we’re the team to choose. Call us today to learn more!